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The Center for Economic Development Studies (CEDE for its acronym in Spanish) recognizes the importance of information and databases on the achievement and promotion of research, and understands how relevant the open and freely participation of different actors is in the knowledge generation and the learning process.

The Data Center main objective is to collect, organize and systematize all the databases available in the CEDE (both centralized and individually for each researcher) to have them available through a platform for internal and external use, according to their level of confidentiality.

CEDE seeks to provide free access to a complete set of data about national, departmental and municipal development. Thus the Data center becomes a fundamental entity that all users can easily access or get information about how to request a database.

Additionally, the Data Center aims to be a reference for the design, data capture and data processing to generate socio-economic indicators. It also seeks to participate in the creation of information systems that enable researchers and non-researchers to track different topics, but mostly these information systems become a guide for decision making at local and national level. Currently, the Data Center leads the creation, updating and monitoring of databases such as the Municipal Panel CEDE and Election Results Database.