• DANE Data Center

    The Economics Department has a Data Center room for students and employees to use of the National Statistics Department – DANE information. In this space you can consult the information DANE collects and has under restriction. If you wish to use this service please read the usage rules.

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  • ODS

    Due to the importance of the 17 goals and the 169 targets, is necessary to have quality information that allow the national and regional follow-up. In our web platform you can review the development of some goals through indicators.

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You can find municipal level indicators in topics such as: agricultura, goverment, general characteristics, violence and conflicto, education, and health. The primary information is collected from oficial sources.


In this section you can find all our databases. To access this information take into account the different levels of access: the public sets can be download and use by any register user, the external repositories are manage directly by the responsible institution and the restricted sets can only be use by active members of the Universidad de los Andes community.